island | fjórar


quad audio  |  dual projections

live diffusion

(2013 - 2020 & on going)

most recent installed realisations;

island | fjorar - Steklenik Gallery, Ljubljana - March 2021

island | resonant silica - Sonic Curiosities, Berlin - aug 2020

island | fjorar (crystal detector) - spikersuppa lydgalleri, Oslo - jan - feb 2020

island | fjorar (resonant silica) - Attenborough Centre, UK - January 2020

island | fjorar (glacial objects) - NCC / ICC, Tokyo (2019 - 2020)

island | fjorar (dissolve) - Catalyst Arts, Belfast (2019)
as part of the a curated place / John Grant's North Atlantic Flux festival

for Hull 2017, April - May 2017

most recent broadcast - BBC radio 3's 'sounds of the planet' series where a section of 'geothermal activity' was played - february 2018

the sound of the world turning, ancient air escaping from glaciers, geology dissolving, antenna cables and civic structures resonating and geothermal activity - recordings gathered across Iceland

accompanied by still images | digital film | found text pieces by Pheobe riley Law 









the 'island | fjorar' series of installations and audio pieces has been in development since 2013, resulting in 4 installations thus far and several performance based diffusions inc. in Iceland, Japan, the UK and Australia.

these have taken the form of the pieces:

island | fjorar (resonant silica)

'island | fjorar (the sound of the world turning)'

'island | fjorar (dissolve)

'island | fjorar (star farm)'

'island | fjorar (score for listening)'

'island | fjorar (glacial objects)'

'island | fjorar (bethlehem wires)'

island | fjorar (geothermal activity)'

island | fjorar (krafla)'

and the forthcoming release of a book of scores for listening alongside text pieces by Pheobe riley Law and an archive of several hours of recordings & selected sound works

the work involves the use of JrF geophones, hydrophones, contact mics & coils along with ultrasonic detectors and of course approaches to durational listening, intuitive and extended recording techniques. 


fjorur extract.mp3

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