jez riley french

Jez riley French (b. 1965)

My work involves elements of intuitive composition, field recording (using conventional & extended methods), photographic images / photographic scores and improvisation. 


In recent years I have been working closely with specific spaces (natural and man-made), capturing moments that connect with a personal sense of place. I am fascinated and passionate about the infinite detail and expanding vistas of life around us, its sights and sounds, often overlooked or hidden, and their ability to help us experience anew the environments in which we spend our time. My creative output focuses on this never ending, joyous exploration and has increasingly involved a closer relationship with audible silence, active listening, stillness & the empathy of compositional lines. These evolved from my need to always remain open to my emotive, intuitive response to situations & environments’ - JrF

recordings of empty architectural spaces and structural vibrations form the basis of the 'audible silence' series of works

single point field recordings form the basis for the 'instamatic' series of works

other major series' include 'teleferica', 'movere' , 'scores for listening', 'adagios', 'dissolves'  


Alongside his own creative work, JrF also builds specialist contact microphones & hydrophones, curates the engraved glass & . point engraved cd editions, the ‘a quiet position’ series of online releases / forums exploring the broad ideas surrounding the act and art of listening through field recording and lectures on both field recording and intuitive composition as a guest lecturer & on the regular Wildeye International School of Wildlife film making residential location sound recording courses in the UK and Europe. Recently Jez has been artist in residence with organisations in Australia, Estonia, Belgium, France, Portugal, Latvia, Italy, Japan, Korea & Austria

Jez is particularly associated with the development of extended recording techniques, including the recording of structural vibrations, contact microphone recording, ultrasonics, internal electronic signals via coil pick-up's and recordings made with hydrophones.



'foxley wood fence posts' 

will be part of the new season of concerts / events at the Juan March Foundation, Madrid, Spain during March 2014


a special 8 channel mix of 'teleferica's' will be premiered as part of Artisphere's Fermata exhibition. 

line up for this major exhibition:


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4 extracts (sheffield staircase, tate ultrasonics, bethlehem wires & teleferica's) are now part of MoMa's 'Soundings' online resource / exhibition archive:

i'm pleased to announce that my commission for Tate Modern 'audible silence: the tate, sleeping and waking' is now available online, to listen of download free from the tate modern website: click here 

                                                             my piece for The Tate is being included in TWO news installation for Tate Modern / Britain:

LIMINAL (Mcgallery, Tate Britain) will be soundtracked constantly in the space by the piece

Juke Box Meets Tate Britain will be based in the new Learning Gallery from 23rd November till the end of February 2014. Devised by sound artist Yuri Suzuki, Juke Box Meets Tate Britain will aim to provide a wide-ranging and accessible sound archive related to Tate Britain's collection. Each week the aim is to also offer vinyl-cutting sessions where visitors and invited guests will be able to create a record to go in the juke box, contributing their personal response to the Tate Britain collection displays.

original installation:
the piece is available at the Tate Modern gallery as a headphone listening experience from June 22nd & is available to experience saturdays, sundays + thursdays & fridays during school holidays.

audible silence: the tate, sleeping and waking

jez riley french

buildings sing....their walls, their floors, chairs and tables are full of sound, of their own music, made by vibrations, made even by the world turning. these pieces feature only untreated sounds directly recorded with special microphones and listening devices in the tate building itself.

'for this set of 3 new pieces Jez spent several nights alone in the Tate Modern building, listening for hours, capturing moments when the surfaces of the structure resonated or the sounds normally beyond our range of hearing offered up particularly evocative, unscripted compositions'

2013 also sees the publication of a new book on the art of field recording 'in the field' (click on the image below to order), which features conversations with myself & other recordists + a nice cover picture taken by my daughter, Pheobe (proud dad moment here !) 

aqp @ End of the Road festval
book + postage options

Jez riley French - teleferica (extract).mp3

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