C-SERIES pro contact microphones

highest spec contact mic in the JrF range and widely regarded as the best contact mics available

£35 (uk) / £40 (rest of world)

with the option of upgrading the jack to a neutrik for an extra £5 per mic

to order please visit the ordering page

various unique processes mean that the c-series contact mics provide a wider freq. response that others on the market - meaning more low end and mid frequency range response. 
They've also been designed without using toxic products - so you can use them out in the field without worrying about any environmental impact.

an unprocessed field recording of teleferica wires in Italy recorded using 2 JrF c-series contact microphones.
This recording is best listened to on headphones.

a step up from the basic JrF contact microphone - features:

. high spec, low noise, flexible specially designed cable.

. large diameter element providing, in conjunction with the JrF exclusive 'acoustic-transfer' coating, an even better signal and frequency response.

. strengthened top of element for increased placement and handling durability.

. available with 1/4 inch jacks only 
(rean or neutrik)

for a range of adaptors to connect to XLR and 3.5mm inputs please see the adaptor pages

. available as single mono contact microphone or in stereo pairs.

. come with 2metre cables as standard.

extra cable (per metre) can be purchased for £3.50 per metre (email me to order custom length mics)

see the 'tips and guidance' and 'frequently asked questions' page for further info.

contact mic

£25 (uk) / £28 (rest of world)

to order please visit the ordering page

. high quality hand finished piezo element.

. multi dipped in unique coatings.

. 2 metres of low noise, specially designed high quality cable

extra cable (per metre) can be purchased for £2.50 per metre 
(email me to order custom length mics)

. can be supplied with standard ¼ inch jacks or 3.5mm mini-jacks (please specify at time of purchase)

adaptors to connect to XLR inputs and from two mics to a single 3.5mm input can be found on the ordering page

Ideal for use on instruments and in field recording.

Pairs – for true stereo are also available (these are two separate contact mics – allowing for placement experimentation and a wider field of sound capture)

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