/ˈhʌmbər/      Humber 

multichannel sound piece for the Riversssounds project

listening via headphones or conventional speakers is advised as some of the sounds were recorded using self-adapted geophones and c-series contact mics to reveal frequencies normally below our range of hearing or outside of our attention.

d-series hydrophones were used to listen to insects in flood ponds, and other microphones to listen to the slow flow of the river and the reed beds along the banks.

The riversssounds platform allows you to mix between tracks by moving the cursor around the screen, and clicking the (((( symbol on the left of the screen switches to a different set of tracks - in this instance ones focusing further on those low frequencies.

thanks to the riversssounds team, and, always, to Pheobe Law and my mum, maureen, who took me to find sea / river glass and smooth stones by rivers and seas

click here to listen to the main piece

click here to listen to the artist talk

click here to listen to the soundwalk

click here to view / download a pdf of texts and scores

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