. located sound / field recording / listening as key element in sound culture, ecology and contemporary art practice

. sound art - place and space as material for performance / installation

. indeterminate scores / intuitive performance / listening events

. exploration through listening devices

+ conversations around:

phenomenology of auditory filters

situational acoustics & their effects on sense connectivity 

micro listening

audible silence (inc. architectural elements)

structural responses to sonics

orders of listening & durational listening

the invention of nature (distortions of imposed perception)

interference of elements

the impact of recording media on declining auditory sensitivity 

the gendering of sound

dissolving landscapes and structures

as a key element of my work within the workshop format I plans, deliver and lead workshops and field trips focused on the art and act of field recording and listening as a key element in sound culture / sound art,  also working with other organisations as a freelance tutor.  

My work involves extended field recording techniques, including the development of the use of contact microphones, hydrophones, coils, ultrasonic and infrasonic listening and the psychology of the listening response. 

I am concerned with the materiality of sound and the content of the act of recording - the technology is there to be discussed of course, finding ways to deal with limitations, to work with them, but the focus is on how these tools can assist us to explore, to get passed the technology. 

elemental is an exchange of knowledge, an open conversation and an opening up of field recording and its myriad creative possibilities. 

different workshop models are structured for a range of abilities or for an inclusive exploration of the interplay and collaboration between artists / recordists at different stages of their exploration of sound and field recording.

workshops involve sessions on theory, field craft, practical work in the field and listening sessions. Suggested listening / reading lists can be supplied in advance, focused on an introduction to contemporary field recording practice.

alongside a way of discussing field recording that seeks to emphasise the creative response over a reliance on equipment I do also bring with me a range of devices for participants to try, allowing further exploration, including:

multiple JrF specialist hand built microphones - developed over many years and widely used and respected by a wide array of artists, composers, field recordists, sound designers and musicians - including:

. hydrophones (multiple sets)

. contact microphones (multiple sets)

. electromagnetic coils (multiple)

. different pairs of omni-directional microphones 

. other microphones from various manufactures

. binaural microphones

. parabolic dish systems

. various wind protection systems

. boom poles

. long cables for remote working

+my own recording kit, with ultrasonic detectors, geophones, vlf receiver, Sound Devices recorder etc.

I am familiar with most recorders on the market - not because i'm obsessed with the equipment but so that I am able to make the content of workshops work for all - from those with entry level recorders to those working with professional, multi-channel devices.

I deliver workshops because I am fascinated by the conversation, the exchange and because i've been interested in the widest range of sound for a very long time. There are myriad subtle aspects of field recording that go way beyond conventional thinking around the subject, whether that be on the links between playback methods and audience listening to the relationship to the hardware and its impact on intuitive response. 

workshops delivered include:

the 'murmuration' series

and for arts organisations and other institutions including:

Newcastle University


Royal College of Art

LCC, London

Hull University

Leeds University (fine art)

Leeds College of Music

Copenhagen Culture House

Wysing Arts Centre / David Roberts Foundation

National Trust

Leeds Beckett University

University of the West of Scotland

Digital Media Centre, South Hill Park, Surrey

Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus

Manchester University

Aveiro Art House

Lisbon University, Faculty of Fine Arts

Stockholm University of the Arts

PRS new music bienniale 

Victoria Baths, Manchester

Elizabeth Gaskill House


The Wired Lab, Australia

Skolska 28, Prague

Touch records

Allerdale Film Farm


and arts organisations in Sardinia, Italy, France, Sweden etc.

workshops / tutor positions:

workshop - murmuration # 3, Scotland - postponed

talk / workshop - Robert Schumann Hochschule Dusseldorf, Germany - March 2020

talk / workshop - Acoustic Ecologies Festival, Attenborough Centre, UK - January 2020

talk / workshop - Bartlett School of Architecture, London - October 2019

workshop - walthamstow wetlands, London - October 2019

workshop / talk - airy residency, vasternorrland - September 2019 

workshop for DRAF resident artists, Wysing Arts Centre - July 2019

workshop - murmuration # 2, Scotland - June 2019

talk / workshop - york st johns university - november 2018

workshop - Strange and Charmed, Wendover - August 2018

talk / workshop - SSW (Scottish Sculpture Workshop) - August 2018

workshop - murmuration # 1, Scotland - June 2018

talk / workshop - Royal Danish Academy of Arts, Copenhagen - June 2018

talk / workshop - Leeds University (fine art) - November 2017

informal workshop with artists - Allerdale Film Farm, Cumbria, Aug 2017

workshop tutor / field trip leader (with Chris Watson) - Northumberland, June 2017

workshop tutor / field trip leader (with Chris Watson) - sweden, May 2017

workshop - turntable composition, Hull - Feb - Nov 2017

guest lecture / workshop leader - Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, Denmark - October 2016

workshop tutor / field trip leader (with Chris Watson) - field recording / sound art trip, Orford Ness, UK, July 2016

workshop tutor / course leader (with Chris Watson) - field recording trip, south west Iceland, June 2016

workshop tutor / course leader (with Chris Watson) - field recording trip, Northumbria, May 2016

hydrophone workshop - Soundcamp, Stave Hill Ecology Park, London, May 2016

guest lecture / workshop / crits - Royal College of Music, London, March 2016

guest talk / workshop - Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2016

guest lecture / workshop - Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, July 2015

workshop tutor / course leader - field recording trip, south west Iceland, June 2015

workshop tutor / course leader - field recording trip, Northumbria, May 2015

workshop tutor / course leader - sound / field recording module, Uni of the West of Scotland, Ayr, Jan 2015

workshop tutor / course leader - field recording trip, north east Iceland, June 2014

workshop tutor - a quiet position - the act & art of field recording, South Hill Park, UK, November 2013

workshop tutor - a quiet position: victoria baths / elizabeth gaskill house, manchester, uk - September 2013

workshop tutor - a quiet position: sardinia, 4 day field recording workshop, sardinia, July 2013

workshop tutor / course leader - field recording trip, snaefellsness, Iceland, June 2013

workshop tutor - 2 day field recording workshop, malmo, sweden, may 2013

workshop tutor - a quite position workshop, CRIaAP, LCC, london, april 2013

workshop tutor - one day listening / field recording workshop, tottenham marshes, London - march 2013

workshop tutor - Touch records weekend sound course - december 2012

workshop tutor - field recording workshop, Sweden - October 2012

workshop tutor - field recording workshop @ wired lab, australia - september 2012

workshop tutor - 'a quiet position - a weekend workshop on the act & art of field recording' @ Soundfjord, London - June 2012

workshop tutor - wildeye field recording course, Sweden - May 2012

regular workshop tutor (alongside Chris Watson) - wildeye location sound recording courses (4 per year) - norfolk - 2009-2016

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