(photography by Pheobe riley Law)     

ink botanic 

traces of durational listening to plants and soil horizons, recorded with self-designed and built adapted microphones

an on-going series of installations and multi-channel sound works, research into transpiration, root systems, cavitation, vibrations in soil horizons, situated connections between species and conceptual systems.

recent exhibitions;

ink botanic - Matsudo, Japan - 2023

ink botanic - installed as sound shower at Vienna Biennale, 2021

ink botanic (extract) - broadcast on BBC radio 3 as part of the 'music matters - rites of spring' programme - March 2021

ink botanic (extract) - broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland - December 2020

ink botanic (extract) - broadcast on BBC radio 4 as part of the 'last songs of gaia' series and a special episode of their slow radio programme - June / July 2020

ink botanic (+) - spikersuppa lydgalleri, Oslo - Jan - Feb 2020

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