first edition (150 copies)

saddle stitched A5 photobook 

with download code to 350+ minutes of sound documenting realisations (listening and performed) 

+ initial copies come with a separate limited edition booklet for 'score for listening # 80' prepared for two performances by Nordic Affect in Iceland (at Mengi 2016 & Harpa 2017)

'Jez riley French’s photographic scores series is a compelling intervention in this sea of images. They invite the viewer to see them as conduits, representations, translations or spurs for sound – and this remediation has the effect of reversing some of the effects of our image- saturated culture. Where time in the age of the digital photograph is produced by gliding from one image to the next, French’s photos attempt to bring temporality into the experience of viewing. The images manufacture an experience of time through the visual evocation of sound and soundscapes....By introducing the experience of duration into our consumption of images, via the mediation of phonography, they invite us to attend seriously to our mediated environment and consider our contribution to it' 
- Haworth (Source Journal of Photography - spring 2016' 

price inc. p&p

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