over borders

This publication began as an idea to share some of our own scores* connected to the concept or effects of borders, which we then expanded to include work by others in our creative communities. Artists / composers were asked to send scores (text scores, graphic scores) that, in some way, referenced border; social, political, virtual, perceptual, environmental or between species. Our thanks to all those who responded with their work.

* a smaller selection of these are included

It is now available as a free PDF via the Walking Festival of Sound website here

including work by;

Pheobe riley Law
Jez riley French
Line Elkjær
Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin
Isabella Stevenson
Signe Liden
Espen Sommer Eide
Manfred Werder
Helen Frosi
Stephen Chase
Manja Ristić
Tomoko Hojo
Yifeat Ziv
lo wie
Carole Finer
Eleanor Cully
Iris Garrelfs
Annie Goh
Asha Sheshadri
Lucie Stepankova
Catherine Kontz

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