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Formed around Pavement’s Bob Nastanovich, visiting Hull and wanting to do some improvising, the band become somewhat legendary in the north for their infrequent, ramshackle forays around the edges of post-rock. Always improvised, sets would veer between off-axis melody,  peaks of noise and occasional abstract lilts. Misshapen Lodge had a varying line up, drawing from members of Pavement, Fonda 500, Coney Island Sound, Baby Mammoth and Jez riley French being constant across all performances.

we’ll be releasing the entire archives in the shape of 18 digital download albums, one per week, and all process will go to two charities during the cv19 pandemic


(temperance five: JrF, Hankil Ryu, Daniel Jones, Paul Khimasia Morgan, Patrick Farmer - all proceeds to food bank and cancer charities during CV19)




limited edition book of photographic scores + 350 minutes of realisations (listening / performing)

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pleased to announce the release of 'portable music' on Touch's Touchline series - three pieces based on structural resonances, close listening to locales and geothermal ultrasonics from Iceland - featuring myself, Pheobe Law​, Sofia Miorelli​, Maria Silvano​, Maddalena Carta, Michele Spanghero​, Sandro Carta, Gabriella Ferrari​, Antonio Della Marina, the audience & villagers at Topolo & its locale....



jez riley french  |  dissolves

limited edition ty cd + photo book + download code
(100 copies)

cd / book version sold out
the eagerly awaited document of the first series of mineral explorations, capturing the sounds of shale, iron ore, limestone, dolomite and snail shells in flux.

(download code for full album + 48 minute bonus track)

‘again, French turns our ears towards captivating worlds of sound’

‘when he gets it right, which he very often does, French has an uncanny knack of producing work that grabs us firmly by the ear and the mind...stunning images that trigger the imagination as much as the intimate sound worlds presented here’

‘leaving things as they are is often misunderstood as ‘do nothing’. There are few artists in the world, especially working with sound, who get this and JrF is one who does. Not only that but he seems able to present work that forces us to re-evaluate everything we think we know about minimalism’

‘small sound worlds perhaps, but far richer and more varied than our immediate impression tells us’

jez riley french  |  beam | charcoal
limited edition ty cd + photo-book + download code
(100 copies)

SOLD OUT (download pdf / audio still available)

released for a month as a digital download only this release soon attracted a fair bit of attention. Now re-released as a limited ty cd accompanied by a book of JrF’s brooding photographs of woods and forests at night.

‘a release of the natural sounds of trees in various states that allows you to re-tune your ears. Worth a purchase for the long bonfire track on its own. Remarkable. The images show another fascinating side to French’s visual work’

‘you might at first assume this release is one amongst many such surveys of these kinds of sounds but look hard and you’ll find very little to compare, either in terms of content or quality’

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Jez riley French - wensleydale fence wire (mp3 extract).mp3

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