(located sound, salt, mineral dissolve, ultrasonics - performance, Japan 2018 - photo by Hajime Kato)

                                                                                                                     (solo piano performance)

I perform solo or in collaboration with other artists / musicians / choreographers / dancers - and have an on-going project with my daughter, the artist Pheobe riley Law 'interference of objects' (inc. performances at Fort Process and Ftarri, Tokyo)

review from Clot Magazine: 

Starting our day with Jez Riley French and Pheobe Riley who used of tape, surface resonance via contact microphones and amplified objects from the fort alongside recent recordings of ensembles resonating buildings from Jez’s ‘salts’ project. A soft interplay of materiality and movement (or gesture). Probably one of the quietest gigs we’ve come to see, the delicacy and granular detail of the sound was otherworldly. 


performances always include elements that draw on the acoustics of the performance space and its locale

I also enjoy workshop based situations where, as a group, we explore space, stillness and sound, often using photographic or text scores as cues for intuitive performances - both with experienced artists and those new to the forms explored

i'm fortunate to have performed across the world, including in the UK, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Australia, Korea, Czech Republic, France, Sweden, Iceland, Austria etc.

details of performance schedules can be found on the news page and past performances on the cv page.

collaborative performances have included those with:

Pheobe riley Law

Coast Guard All Stars (with Philip Thomas, Martin Archer, Stephen Chase and Herve Perez) 


Toshimaru Nakamura

7 hertz

Angharad Davies

tierce (JrF, Ivan Palacky, Daniel Jones)

Catherine Kontz

Signe Liden

Choi Joonyong

Hankil Ryu

Charlie Collins

Pamelia Kurstin

Felica Atkinson

Embla Quickbeam

David Toop

Heleen Van Haegenborgh

Okkyung Lee

Damo Suzuki

Dom Lash

Tom Chant

Chris Gladwin

Hong Chulki

Jin Sangtae

Julia Eckhardt

John Grzinich

Karen Winzer

Kathy Hinde

Karl D Silva

Lucy Duncombe

Liene Kate Rozite

Mark Wastell

Matt Davis

Matt Davies

Keith Rowe

Michael Pisaro

Music for one / Sherry Ostopovich

Natalia Borissova

Paul Burwell

Neil Davidson

Rhodri Davies

Patrick Farmer


Thomas Smetyns

Sylvain Chauveau

Jan Bang

Arvind Aarset

Arve Henrikson


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