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nice review from 'All about Jazz' by Henning Bolte of the set me & David Toop played at Punkt recently (translation errors corrected):

'A highly fascinating thing was the live remix of Arve Henriksen's 'Towards Language' by the duo of Jez riley French and David Toop. French, a sound artist working with extended field recording technique, is connected to Punkt via a sound project around the Humber Bridge of Hull for which he collaborated with Jan Bang, Arve Henriksen, Eivind Aarset and the Opera North earlier this year. They worked on the sound of the 2, 2 km long bridge, elaborating on it with the orchestra of the Opera North in the context of Hull as European Capital of Culture (together with Aarhus).

During the live-remix French left the stage shortly after the start of the remix he did together with David Toop. He left the stage to play the metal railings amplified by contact microphones. He had used those same railings before to record the 'input' of Arve Henriksen's group, filtered through the architecture of the building. That recording he left playing on stage along with one of the empty building resonating with the infrasound of its surroundings. It resulted in a highly fascinating sound flow and sound expansion that his fellow musician David Toop provided by extra layers, accents and highlighting. Actually French literally re-mixed the 'input' sound'

pleased to announce that the in-depth interview with myself by Mark Peter Wright for the British Library is now online. I am grateful to Cheryl Tipp at their sound archive and to Mark for the questions which allowed me space to talk not only about the sounds, but also about aspects of the deeply important personal elements of my work.

article on my work with photographic scores for 'Source' photography magazine

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9 page booklet to accompany my piece for Tate Modern

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article for Rycote on my experience using their cyclone wind jammer whilst recording the reed beds of the river humber


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