the sound of mineral, ceramics and civil structures dissolving through the actions of acid rain, neglect and performative techniques

micro worlds of sound, releasing pockets of air and gas, trapped for thousands of years

performed, installed 

dissolves (korea) - British Ceramics Biennale, Stoke - performance, 2017

island | mineral reaction - Benthic Caress, Plymouth Art Weekend, site-specific playback, 2017

lugnas dissolve - action, Sweden, 2017

dissolves - book + audio cd, 2015

dissolves (minerals), Iceland, 2015

whale bone dissolve - performance, 2015 (an additional whale bone dissolve is collaborations with the artist Sonia Levy)

mineral and snail shell dissolves - stazione di topolo, 2014 - Italy - performance

dolomite dissolves - dordolla, 2014 - italy - performance

coombe quaternary (extract) - online, British Library

coombe quaternary - performance with dance - dorset, 2014

shell dissolves - performance, 2010

dissolves - dolomite iron ore.mp3

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