works based on the structural and spatial resonances of architectural structures has been a key aspect of my interest in listening for many years, beginning with a fascination with church acoustics, sound jars and the vibrations of utilitarian structures.

Over the years I've been allowed unique access to structures including Tate Modern (UK), Kettle's Yard (UK), Sudek Atelier (Czech Republic), Yamanoie (Japan), The Bower (Australia), Victoria Baths (UK), Tate Britain (UK), Mullae Art Space (Korea), Jacqueline Du Pre Building (UK), The Humber Bridge (UK), Orford Ness (UK)amongst others. 

the resulting works have been exhibited in said spaces and / or galleries around the world including:

audible silence - turbine hall (geophonics) - Museo Reina Sofia, Spain 

audible silence - 'weaves' - installation for Kinokophone & the Whitworth Gallery, Manchester, UK

audible silence - 'the Tate, sleeping & waking' - installation + limited audio cd, Tate Modern, uk

audible silence - 'the Tate, sleeping & waking' (section) - vinyl lathe / installation as part of '500 years of British Art', Tate Britain, UK

audible silence - 'victoria baths' - durational public performance / listening, Victoria Baths, Manchester, UK + digital download

'audible silence' - series of 3 audio works focusing on recordings of Kettle's Yard (Cambridge, UK), a summer house (Czech republic) & the Jacqueline Du Pre building (Oxford, UK) - installation + limited cd + digital download


summer 2020: on-going project - started as part of the audible silence & room tone sets of works but has taken on a new dimension in recent months;

recording the infrasound & other resonances of empty / closed clubs and concert venues. So far examples from Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Iceland & the UK - each recording accompanied by a single still image.

(harpa, reykjavik, iceland)

below are some aspects of these works (headphones or conventional speakers needed):






Jez riley French - audible silence - enter (mp3 extract) .mp3

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