limited edition (50 copies) reissue

36 page, saddle stitched photo book on untreated paper, featuring new notes

+ download of 180 minutes + of field recordings + pdf + 2 postcards 

the photographs for suketchi have been some of the most commented on and requested in physical format & so I decided to issue a photo book version.

the reissue features a download of the original audio recordings + the 2 tracks from suketchi + (now oop) & a recording of a live performance at Sample White Room, Nara + a short introductory text reflecting on the trips

'Of the photographs I can say that for me sound and image (still and moving) have always connected. I consider them both to work when they represent and communicate something beyond the scientific or technological processes involved, something perhaps emotive or transformative. A still image can act as an impression, a cue or a score for the interplay between the imagined and each situated reality, hence my work with photographic scores and scores for listening. I have returned to Japan in the years since the two trips represented here, sensing different connections with each visit. I am always fascinated by the locales I spend time in, and their interwoven structures; physical, biological or cultural, and equally needing time to maintain an intuitive response. That is essential for me, not only because it allows an openness to the unexpected or overlooked but also because it means a more flexible relationship to the role of visitor. Time is important, as it is in all aspects of exploring field.

Projects, impressions, documentation all eventually find liminal positions and returning to them involves both an attempt at reconnection and sensing the naiveties that, hopefully, led to collaborative distances rather than impositions. The images still resonate with me. As for these sound fragments I am beginning to understand where they sit in relationship to my work with duration and to allow them to be free of my own expectations of them, and of myself. Again, there is the element of time and its effect; immediate and as perspective'

peanut brittle factory, kyoto.mp3

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