unique trips curated to ensure both a sharing of diverse experience and knowledge of sound, situation and a sense of place, and an atmosphere that is relaxed, inspiring, inclusive and open

each trip is led by artists working creatively in their respective fields, to compliment our always fascinating, diverse group of trip participants.

guest artists so far have been:

myself (Jez riley French)

Pheobe riley Law

Jenny Berger Myhre

Eliza Bozek

Alice Eldridge 

Bethan Kellough

Saša Spačal

Chris Watson

Jana Irmert

Emily Richardson

Greta Santagata

Julia M Parks

Yvonne Billimore

Heather Ross

Dawn Scarfe

Jenny Sunesson

Karo Jedrzejczyk

Stephanie John

Gill Russell

Kaffe Matthews

Raquel Castro

Cheryl E. Leonard

Felicity Mangan 

amongst the aspects of located sound we cover on the trips are

extended techniques (contact mics, hydrophones, infrasound, ultrasonics, electromagnetics, vlf, object specific transmission)

surround & ambisonics

diffusion and installation

the basics of recording equipment

field craft

the psychology of the listening response

editing and mixing

composition (inc. graphic & text based scores / actions)

durational listening

sound & the image (still & moving)


inter-species collaboration

sound ecology

remote monitoring


the gendering of sound cultures

writing sound

starting on the 2019 trip we've raised the bar on the catering also - with private chefs providing food that is another highlight of the trips. 

along with your own selection of equipment and listening devices, there are always more for participants to try for themselves including:


contact microphones 

electromagnetic coils 

ultrasonic detectors 

small omni pairs across all budgets


parabolic dish / microphone systems

surround and ambisonic microphone arrays

wind shields  

boom poles

etc etc

ahead of each trip I am also happy to help with funding applications if you are seeking funding to come on the trip. 

to be placed on the mailing list to receive news of forthcoming trips please email me by clicking here (& remember to check your junk mail filter and / or mark my email address as safe)

below is a selection of feedback from the trips so far:


"A week of listening and sharing ideas around recording and performing with sounds from the field. With such an amazing bunch of people from around the world...Thank you so much to Jez and Pheobe for creating space for connecting through listening, sensing and sharing ideas. I'm so grateful for your generosity ~ it spreads and inspires and I think I speak for everyone who participated when I say that this week gave a giant boost both in knowledge and excitement of working with sound"

"By far the best workshop I've been to. The atmosphere created by Jez & Pheobe was special. Thank you:

"Feeling overwhelmed after an amazing week of field recording in the Scottish Highlands participating in #murmuration4, beautifully hosted by Jez riley French and Pheobe riley Law"

"Amazing week...massive thanks to Pheobe and Jez, sharing their knowledge and experience of listening and recording...and big thanks to everyone involved and physically present who made time in their life to come along and share this tremulously rich, lush and fun experience!"

"MERCI Jez and Phoebe for organising it so well, and inviting these very unique guests. New ways of listening, recording, creating and sharing"

"thanks for the amazing week. Its been an incredible experience, and i've never felt so heard and understood while learning about sound"

"Thank you Jez, Pheobe and all for an amazing week. I learned so much and did so in incredible company"

"Thank you so much for a super inspiring week! Its been so healing to be together with such warm, funny and loving people!"

"Feeling so full of joy after the most wonderful week with a bunch of very special people. Thank you so much Jez and Pheobe for all of your hard work and for bringing us together and thank you for being so kind and generous with your knowledge and time"

"Thank you all for your generosity, it was such a special week"

"I don't think I've learnt so much whilst have such an enjoyable time. Mind expanding" 

"So many things to say thanks for Jez. The talk on correcting sound histories and the way you expressed how your approach to listening, recording and performing with place were affecting"

"A stunning experience. My ears are opened. Thank you"


"Simply, the best workshop experience I’ve ever had."

It was amazing to come on a sound focused workshop and be surrounded by so many other women. What a truly special week we’ve shared."

"A truly inspiring and lovely week together."

"It is such a treasured memory with all of you (so enjoyable that I don't even want to return to routine life)!"

"All the talks and conversations were inspiring. Hat tip to Jez for the illuminating talk on the female histories of field recording and sound art."

"Thanks Jez for all your work on our behalf and setting the scene for a series of creative recording trips, hill walks and inspirational conversations. It’s been a really great week with you all in such wonderful company."

"I literally felt like I was in a dream for the duration of Murmuration…I've never had the pleasure of being amongst such a wonderful bunch of open & like-minded yet very individual souls…mindblowing talks/presentations, and then the fun of the group creating a 16mm film…AND great food! Just perfect & inspiring."


'Thanks again for a very uplifting week! it was so full of inspiring people and the insight I gleamed was invaluable. It was honestly even better than I had hoped it would be'

'I am so grateful for this experience. We have listened to the trees, whispered to fences, chased owls, submerged in dawn choruses, recorded decomposition, poked ant nests and, quite possibly, freaked out a few locals.

It's been deeply inspiring, thank you all, every single one of you. A very special thank you to Jez for inviting me and being as talented and generous. Damn, I wish we had another week!''

'Wow, what a week. Met so many wonderful people from the world of sound and film. Jez - I have no words for how inspirational and wonderful they are and how much I have learnt through their dedication and passion for their art. My mind feels fresh after switching off for a week and I now have 40 hours worth of recordings to get through'

'Thanks to Jez for a fantastic, inspiring week in Glenshee listening, recording, walking, talking…it was such a special week'

'incredibly enriching and inspiring week, learning from and recording with some of the best field recordists in the world in GlenShee in Scotland'

'I also wanted to say a huge thanks for the opportunity, it was a really wonderful, fun and inspiring week - such a pleasure to meet everyone!

It was so good to spend time with you again, enjoy your wonderful humour and once more play the fences with violin bows!'

'Thank you for organising another great workshop in such wonderful company'

'thank you so much. It's been really wonderful to come back. Thank you for making this happen'

'I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing week. I don't really have the words but it was inspirational to spend time with such lovely people in that environment'

'Now that I’ve had a few days to digest everything I just wanted to send a note to say a huge thank you for an incredible week.

I learned so much, and the conversations, friendships, scenery and great meals only added to an already terrific week. Thanks so much for all your patience explaining things, and for opening our ears, eyes and minds!  

'a great big thank you to Jez and the other artists, our Chefs and all you wonderful participants. I had a brilliant week thanks to you all' 

'it's been an experience like few in a lifetime, full of overwhelmingly inspirational sounds, views and, above all, people...It's you and your sensitivity, kindness, humility, generosity, sense of humour, social commitment and sharp mind...and of course talent! For me it's a combination that is rare and makes all the difference, so thanks so much'

'Being part of a gathering of like-minded people and having time for exchange and conversations was just such a wonderful and nourishing experience. But above all, being outside to listen and record together in the beautiful terrain of the Scottish Highlands made it magical for me.' (Jana Irmert)


'I really enjoyed it and was delighted to be able to attend and meet so many interesting people. There is a lot to now mull over'

'No words to express my gratitude... I had a great and inspiring week and got back with a bunch of new ideas…thank you for this opportunity, much more than recording and collecting material for the project, it was a very rewarding experience for me…your approach to the field is unique, very artistic and what you do is of an extreme importance to all of us'

'it was a great week, thank you Jez and to all who gave talks and walks and to everybody there! It was really inspiring to be there together in this beautiful place'

'a fine week with lots of kind folk for company, something I appreciated a great deal'

'Thank you to Jez for inviting me and to everyone for being so welcoming! What a pleasure it was to meet you all, I had a really wonderful time'

'This week was pretty bloody magical actually. You made that happen. Thank you'

'Great trip, fabulous conditions and a great location. Huge thanks for all your work & planning, I think everyone enjoyed the experience and I thought the conversations were particularly engaging wrapped around such a diverse range of people' - Chris Watson

'It was an absolute pleasure to share some quality time with you all amidst such breath-taking scenery… What an amazing location we had there, nestled in the Scottish wilderness. A very BIG thank you for all the hard work in making our ‘retreat' such a magical experience'

'Being with you over this week has brought me a huge amount of inspiration and reminded me that there are no limits to sound recording; it is what we make it and I have an enormous place for this activity in my life'

'so many thanks for such an inspiring week. i'm enriched'

'Feeling honoured to have been part of it and thanks too for all your ideas and skills so generously shared. brilliant to take us to the Cairngorms. I had no idea it was so rich. many moments too i'll never forget'

'thank you so much for this fantastic week! It was indeed very inspiring'

'murmurations trip was a truly special week! I learnt so much from you both. Your generosity of knowledge, expertise and kit has helped me so much on the start of my journey in field recording. It was very inspiring to hear about the sound practices of so many talented listeners - the perfect springboard into the world of listening and field recording. I know realise just how much there is to learn, which is a very exciting prospect'

'Thanks so much for your wondrous company last week. It was the perfect mix of structure and improvisation, with outstanding speakers, scenery and support'

'It was so great to meet all of you last week for such an inspirational few days. Special thanks to Jez, and all of the guest speakers for sharing your knowledge and insights so freely. I wish we could have spent a month up there!'

'Thank you so much for making this gathering exist, and nurturing it while it happened. And thank you all for the talks, conversations, and shared silence'

'It was a privilege to learn some of your techniques for producing detailed sound worlds, and to see how enjoyment of spending time in a place can be an integral part of the artistic process. You created a democratic & humorous environment for people of all levels to take inspiration from each other'

'Thanks to you all for making an exceptional week of sound, nature, art and ideas. I'm desperate to come up a method to hold on to some of the feeling that spending time with you all in the Cairngorms engendered'

'I want to add my thanks to all of you for the very memorable week we had together. I learnt a great deal; and I have been very much inspired by your enthusiasm, openness, tremendous experience, and your different perspectives. Most of all it was such a great pleasure to meet and spend time with you in such a lovely place. A special thank you for being so encouraging and for sharing their time so freely. It was a special week'

'Absolutely stoked to have met and listened with you all in Glenshee! Murmuration was an awesome field trip. It will certainly have a special place in my sound-memory bank! Big thank you's for being so generous and for coordinating such a great event. Thank you to everyone for the stimulating conversations, good company and interesting expeditions'

'I really learned a lot. It was great to coalesce with artists whose background varies so much from my own. There were several specific techniques I wanted to improve and test, and I'm really happy I made with the progress with each. I also added lots of new ideas--can't say I ever played a rock or a fence prior to this trip. You have all inspired me to go forth, do my best work, and embrace sound in a different way'

'That was a very special week in my life. Thank you to everyone for being warm, open, willing to share - what a wealth of knowledge, experience, creativity, intelligence, goodness in the group'

'I’d also like to echo the sentiments of thanks and delight in our marvellous week. It truly was something special - I learned so much. People's generosity and willingness to share was fantastic. Even the mountains were kind! And of course very special thanks for hosting us so brilliantly'

'still glowing from such a fantastic week with you all in the beautiful cairngorms! Such inspiring company in such incredible surroundings'

'I also want to say a big thanks – to everyone for such a great week and especially Jez. So much inspiration and so many interesting ideas.The week has moved me forward with a great leap for the next bits of my PhD research'

'Thank you all for such an exciting and energising week!  I have returned feeling renewed and full of ideas. The week provided me with so much hope and inspiration for taking my practice forward. And what an open spirited and creative community we had up there! Everything came together perfectly. Thanks to all with whom I shared insightful chats, the guest artists who so generously shared their work and ideas, and of course for the wonderful hospitality'


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