a quiet position - the act & art of listening

field recording, in all its forms, has been through incredible creative growth in the last few decades & yet its essential power to engage us in the act & art of listening remains inextricably linked to its subtle simplicity, its ability to make us listen ever more closely to the world in which we move by making us stop for a time

the 'a quiet position' blog (formally named 'in place'' is a blog that explores various aspects of field recording....from equipment reviews to the influential 'four questions' series of interviews with fellow recordists / artists / composers.

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for those of you on facebook there is also an 'a quiet position' group, with daily updates click here

there is also a series of online releases, mostly free to download, featuring exclusive tracks from artists, composers, musicians, naturalists and others interested in the wide canvas field recording offers

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forest floor.mp3

all content is copyright Jez riley French and cannot be used without the express permission of the artist

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