Breet Velvit Ake

sun creaking tiles

timbers resting

For some months now I’ve been spending time listening to and researching one short street in Hull, East Yorkshire; Whitefriargate, creating a soundwalk for Sound UK, Historic England / National Trust as part of a national project around high street action zones, and heritage open days.

Focusing on sounds outside of our attention, taking field recordings and composing a new 'salts' piece using orchestra and the streets architectures.

My research has looked at the cultural, structural histories of the street; its safe spaces for those asking questions and asserting their independence, its proximity to sites of radical social progress for the lives of women, and how the street is an edge. still. Researching Mary Wollstonecraft, her years in Beverley, nearby, and the weeks she spent searching for passage to Sweden along Whitefriargate & the surrounding docks.  

The walk will be available to stream both in Hull itself and online anywhere from early September

additional voices; Jenny Berger Myhre & Laura Naukkarinen


(photo by Pheobe riley Law )

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