I've long had a fascination with composing for and recording musicians in landscapes and large architectural spaces. 

one aspect of these pieces is the placing of musicians in locales at a distance from the audience, with the performances working at the edges of audibility - as with 'score for a locale' and numerous examples of 'scores for listening' featuring the instruction that any performed sounds should rest alongside those of the locale.

Over the years performances of these pieces (often based on photographic or instructional scores) have taken place in UK, Portugal, Italy &  Japan

score for listening # 70 & # 80 - performed by Bethany Nicholson (cello)

score for a locale (topolo) - performance + released March 2016 as part of an album of work on Touchline


score for a drum - performance

sonatas for melodicas - performance

score for a yorkshire forest - performance

score for violin and lake - performance

solos for instruments in one place - performance

score for listening - silo - performance

sonata for clarinet and nodar - performance + limited cd

score for a locale (nara) - performance 

sonata for guitar and field - performance

score for objects and locale - performance

sonata for tuning forks and dreamland - performance

(photo by Pheobe riley Law)

(photos by maria silvano)

for 6 musicians and topolo.mp3

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