During the pandemic Marsden Jazz Festival commissioned me to work with 5 sets of musicians, recording them performing on the moors around the village. Three of the sessions where with musicians whose work I knew well and where we were able to take an often intense, creative approach to the project;

Keeley Forsyth & Matthew Bourne

Sarah Nicolls & Maja Bugge

Tom Challenger

These were the sections of chronotope that led to me accepting the commission, as an artist working with sound rather than a sound recordist in a conventional sense. For certain sessions I asked Pheobe riley Law to assist, as well as Jo Kennedy for one session, with whom we also created a GPS soundwalk version. 

The sessions were recorded in ambisonic format, with additional elements using extended recording techniques from the locales. A set of videos, also recorded during the sessions, were released and this was followed at the 2021 Festival with an installation using an 18 speaker ambisonic system, supplied by Huddersfield Uni with the assistance of Pierre A Tremblay and his students, and three screens.

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