field recordings / located sound
(inc. wih JrF c-series contact microphones)
guitar / clear inputs
analogue synthesiser

recordings from Västra Götalands, Sweden

antenna's placed in managed and unmanaged forests, with cctv cameras attached, monitoring...research around this piece on questions of ownership, private and public, human and non-human species privacy...and the multiple use that footage collected by the antenna companies is put to, usually for further profit.

the first iterations of the piece were performed and installed in Sweden during 2019, and digitally released here

all sound has materiality. all sound can be archive. the self is present, the structures themselves not merely documented but a frame for time and situation. what is contained in the memory of any recording is a mesh of the physical and the personal. how much of this could ever be conveyed to others is unclear. it borders between what is or was there, what happened in that durational experience and the difference between imposition and listening

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