April 2021:

15 years supplying JrF microphones to 1000's of other artists, listeners, sound designers, composers.

I'm not that comfortable with self-promotion so I'll quote from others but say that it has been a privilege to see / hear how;

"the microphones, & (your own) work including projects highlighting the work of other artists, have had a significant influence on contemporary field recording, listening & Sound Art practices" (BL)

"If you've seen a film produced in the past decade or so, watched a nature documentary, attended a Sound Art exhibition, a workshop on located sound, watched or listened to experimental music, played a game with good sound design, there's a good chance you've been hearing sounds recorded / transmitted / performed via a JrF contact microphone, hydrophone or electromagnetic coil" (BBC)

I don't shout about them, I tend not to advertise as such, preferring for their reputation to speak, & I don't post lots of 'me with recording equipment' pics on social media. I simply work with these mics myself, along with my daughter, Pheobe riley Law, finding ways to make sure they give excellent results at a fair price. It's about community.

‘The Green Planet’, the latest David Attenborough series, begins on January 9th here in the UK & features extensive use of JrF c-series contact mics, JrF adapted plant microphones, d-series hydrophones and some of the techniques I have developed for listening to the actual sound of plants (trees, grasses, flowers, funghi, aquatic species etc).

My microphones have been used in most of the Attenborough series over the past decade or so, along with certain approaches to recording that I have shared with some of the sound recordists involved, & I make the mics I design available to anyone who wants to purchase them, working hard to keep the price accessible in the face of increased costs each year and brexit. Like many in the creative sector it is blatantly obvious to me, and always was, that the ability for us to invent, create, contribute to communities across the world was of zero interest to those who wanted brexit because it served their egos, prejudices and their ability to exploit it for their own gain. I probably don’t have any brexit supporters amongst my social media contacts but if I did I’d want them to reflect on the constant stress and worry their actions have caused as they enjoy sounds that were previously inaudible, and consider the fact that these microphones are also used widely around the world in projects that are helping with research into the environmental impact of our species. We give, they take. At some point we have to change that and put aside our passivity.

and here's a video of David Attenborough listening to a tree using a JrF c-series contact mic;

JrF contact microphones, hydrophones and coils have been used by thousands of musicians, artists, tv, film and games companies, universities, arts organisations, galleries and wildlife trusts around the world. They and the techniques Jez has expanded or introduced have had a significant effect on all areas of sound culture over the years. 

some of those that use JrF mics include:

BBC radio and TV (including the new 'Planet Earth II' series & 'Blue Planet - Ocean' series). I've supplied different members of the BBC sound teams (inc. Chris Watson) with contact microphones and hydrophones for some years now & currently they are being used to record plant sounds for the next Attenborough series, using techniques I advised them on.

Skywalker sound

The Deep submarium

Channel 4 television

Wildfowl and Wetlands trust

The Barbican, London

White Cube gallery, London

Tate Modern

Tate Britain

Pheobe riley Law

BFI (british film institute)

Chris Watson

Sigur Ros

Cecilia Jonsson

Emily Richardson

Alice Eldridge

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Theatre National De Chaillot

Imogen Heap

Bana Haffar

Tarek Atoui

Moma, New York

Sealife centres, UK

Hull school of Art and Design

Sally Ann McIntyre

Sydney College of the Arts,

University of Sydney


ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company)

Evelyn Glennie

BBC proms


New Zealand radio

Leeds Beckett University

Hull University

Cambridge University

Edinburgh University

Glasgow University

Newcastle University

National film and television school

Eliza Bozek

Sherry Ostopovitch

Karen Power

Francisco Lopez

Middlesex University

Cal Arts, USA

Helsinki University

Oxford University

Sheffield Hallam University

University of Surrey

Goldsmiths University

Heriot-Watt University

The National Theatre, UK

DICE (ea games design studio, stockholm)

Studio 24, Pinewood studios

Invisible Dust

Gordon Hempton

Heather Andrews

University college Cork

Queens University, Belfast

Belfast Uni sonic arts research lab

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Fordham University, USA

Loughborough University

University of Bath

Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

Jana Irmert

Geneva Skeen ("Ableton and my Jez riley French contact mic maintain their position as the top two most important pieces of gear I have" - interview)

Olivia Louvel

Anna Bertmark

Jenny Sunesson 

Cicely Irvine

Manja Ristic

Ulrike Sparre 

Environmental Research Center, Sohar University, Oman

Quay Brothers

Richard Youngs

Lawrence English

Brandon LaBelle

Bohman Brothers

Lincoln University

Morley College, London

Birmingham University

Nicolas Becker

BJ Nilsen

Simon Scott


David Blaine 

they've also been used on films / tv series /games / theatre shows such as:

The Theory of Everything


The Imitation Game



Fantastic Beasts




God's own country


Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

The book of Mormon 


The Lion King

The Women in Black

Summer and Smoke

Game of Thrones

The Martian

Blade Runner 2049

Call of Duty

Star Wars (films and games)

Battlefield and 100's more....

“I have been using JRF C series contacts mics for several years across a wide range of projects and commissions. The robust build quality and wide frequency response of these transducers has allowed me to investigate the movements of plants and substrates in a range of challenging and hostile environments. I have used them on location to record sand grains in the Namib desert and the actions of leaf cutter ants in Costa Rica for a BBC TV wildlife series as well as the forbidding harmonics within a partially decommissioned nuclear power plant for the recent ‘Chernobyl’ TV drama”. "JRF C series contact mics allow access to explore under the skin of the acoustic world and introduce the listener to sounds and vibrations that are otherwise beyond our reach.” - Chris Watson

as part of the new series of 'bang goes the theory', the BBC science series, you can watch Chris Waston as he listens to the sounds of snails, centipedes & maggots using one of my JrF c-series contact microphones.

here's an extract of the centipede recording (thanks to Chris Watson for permission to use this recording here)

a sample of customer feedback comments:
(ps. to date I have never received any negative feedback on the quality of the products I make or the service I offer)

'After many months travelling and recording sounds in South America, I am finally back in England and I wanted you to know that your microphones (contact & hydro) have been some of the best companions during my travels. They never let me down and have allowed me to hear and explore worlds I would have never been able to probe otherwise. So, a warm thank you for this!'

'Currently listening to today's d-series hydrophone recordings and I feel like weeping/doing cartwheels. So pristine, the dynamic range, the frequency range, etc. Unbelievable'

 'my team just got back from our humpback whales expedition, and the hydrophones you created just made everything easier and more amazing. Hearing the whale songs through the hydrophones itself was a very memorable experience'

'perfect in every way'

'i'm stunned by the quality of these mics'

'these are superb !' (c-cm contact mics)

a member of our studio team recently purchased the Hydrophone D model and a pair of Contact C model microphones from you. We've been absolutely stunned by the quality of the units!

Thank you for creating these amazing microphones at such an affordable price! It was a real blessing that Jari Siili found your website and was able to order them. We look forward to ordering a bunch more microphones from you in the future!

Just let you know your hydrophone is working on a daily basis,  and its great. We have had whales singing through our PA systems most days.
Thanks, its great to get some thing that exceeds expectations.
Freedom 111 Whale Watch

amazing !

great quality, fast service. thanks.

Jez, your mics have inspired. 

Charles Lindsay made a nice recording of a bamboo grove in Costa Rica, which you can hear on the link below, using 2 c-series contact mics & commented: ' I'm really impressed with the frequency range of the mics - thank you again - beyond a worthwhile, great addition to my recording arsenal'

amazed with the frequency range of your c-series contact mics Jez !

thanks Jez. I'm amazed with the sounds i've discovered with your mics already.

Excellent service and product.Thank you

V.happy with purchase!

Excellent Product / Good Price / Good Package / Fast Shipping

Thanks, this mic is great! Quick overseas shipping.

very good, very helpful, definitely recommend.

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Any serious sonic artist should be equipped with at least one of these!

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‘the best hydrophone on the market for the price without doubt’
‘quality sound, design and construction. A+’
‘better than the dolphinear hydrophones I have & they cost me over $350 !’
'amazing ! couldn't believe the results I got'
'great value'
'thanks Jez, i'm finding some amazing sounds with these'
'just been to a workshop led by Chris Watson & loads of people thought these were great'

'beautiful microphones. Thanks'

'opens up a whole new world of listening'

'totally the best contact mics i've ever heard'

'your hydrophones are amazing. Thank you'

'I've not used coils before but am amazed by yours. I can't stop walking around listening to electromagnetics'

'Thank you so much for your microphones. They are the best'

'Unbelievable quality for the price. Thanks'


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